We are designers, engineers and scientists. 

We research the cutting edge of psychophysiology - the way in which your mind and body affect one-another.

We create science and design led technology to naturally change how you feel, think and behave.

Work on doppel began in 2013 after the founding team met on the prestigious Innovation Design Engineering MA/MSc at both Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. Three years later, and following a successful crowdfunding campaign, doppel is available to pre-order. You can read about the design journey on our blog.

The team

Dr Fotini Markopoulou, Co-Founder and Science Director 

Fotini received her Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Imperial College London.  She was a founding member and faculty at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, one of the premier institutes on the frontiers of theoretical physics. She has been a visiting professor at MIT and the Santa Fe Institute and Humboldt fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Berlin. Her physics work is on gravity, cosmology, quantum information theory, complex systems and networks. Since 2012 Fotini has moved into the area of Innovation and Design, and graduated from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College IDE Masters programme.  Her area of expertise is the interface between systems design and personal experience.


Jack Hooper, Co-Founder and Commercial Director

Jack is a film-maker turned mechanical engineer. A strong sense of narrative combined with a first class degree in Mechanical Engineering at Leeds University brought him to the Innovation Design Engineering Masters (IDE) at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, as a Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 scholar, to further his combination of the arts and sciences. A true generalist, he has worked for a robotics start up in design and business, produced maintenance equipment for a weaving company, written and created a Diana Award nominated film and earned a distinction for a dissertation on ethics and nudge psychology. His design interests are focused primarily on how people interact with their world both psychologically and physically.


Andreas Bilicki, Co-Founder and Technology Director 

Andreas graduated with a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College London in 2012, with a focus on nanomaterials and energy applications. Working with the Australian Museum he helped develop a novel laser system to remove polymer-based varnishes from Australian Aboriginal bark paintings for conservation purposes. Seeing opportunities for the application of new materials and processes in products and experiences, he joined the Royal College of Art and Imperial College IDE course as a Sir Robert Malpas scholar to enrich his skill set to include more design-related competencies. These have further been enriched by experiences with hacking electronics and circuitry design, enabling him to work on wearable technologies and the intersection between humanity and technology.


Nell Bennett, Co-Founder and Design Director

Nell had already worked as a concept designer for the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore before graduating with a first class degree in Industrial Design Technology from Loughborough University. Her graduate work has won various awards and was exhibited at the New Designers Exhibition in 2012. As a Royal Commission scholar, she honed her skills in human and environment centered design on the Royal College of Art and Imperial College IDE masters course. Outside academia her passion for social development has lead her to design projects with communities in Madagascar and Borneo. Most recently she received funding from Climate KIC to help a start up company in Nepal to develop a new generation of creatives by combining traditional skills with modern technology.


Georgina Orso, Head of Marketing and Operations

After graduating from the University of Leeds, Georgina joined digital start-up ingenie in their marketing team, designing and delivering online campaigns. She went on to run an MP's Westminster office and in this role coordinated the Fair Deal for Your Local campaign which led to the Coalition Government’s only defeat on a legislative vote. The campaign was shortlisted and 'highly commended' at the 2015 PR Week Awards. Within 18 months of graduating university Georgina became Deputy Head of the Liberal Democrat Whips Office. During the 2015 General Election, Georgina joined the Deputy Prime Minister’s team, planning, delivering and publicising his campaigning visits. She has been involved with doppel since 2013 as one of the first ever live testers and is now using her skills to help share it with the world.


Andrew Spode Miller, Developer

Andrew is a technologist in every regard, with varied, parallel careers that make him the Swiss Army knife of technology startups. As a full-stack developer, he has worked on various projects from benchmarking suites and digital signage to software used by government agencies for finding missing children. His time as a technology journalist exposed him to both good and bad product design, giving him strong focus on open standards, security and great user experience. Andrew regularly gives guest lectures in software development and entrepreneurial skills and much to his publishers dismay, stopped writing his book on JavaScript so that he had more time to work on doppel. 


Dr Manos Tsakiris, Expert Psychologist

Manos studied psychology and philosophy before completing his PhD in psychology and cognitive neurosciences at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London.  His research is focused on the neurocognitive mechanisms that underlie body-awareness and self-identity using a wide range of research methods, from psychometrics and psychophysics to neuroimaging.  He is Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London, where he is also Director of Research.  His research has been funded by national and international funding bodies such as ESRC (UK) and the European Research Council.  He has published widely in neuroscientific and and psychology journals, and his current research projects investigate the role of awareness in heart-brain interactions, multi sensory integration and embodiment.  He is the recipient of the 2014 Young Mind and Brain Prize and of the 22nd Experimental Psychology Society Prize.  His research has attracted interest from media around the world and has appeared in major international news organisations.


Professor J Doyne Farmer, Data Science Expert

Doyne is a Professor at Oxford University and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.  He has broad interests in complex systems, and has done research in dynamical systems theory, time series analysis and theoretical biology.   He was a founder of Prediction Company, an automated trading firm that used machine learning techniques to predict prices in financial markets that was sold to the United Bank of Switzerland, and was their chief scientist from 1991 to 1999.  During the eighties he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he was an Oppenheimer Fellow, founding the Complex Systems Group in the theoretical division.  He began his career as part of the UC Santa Cruz Dynamical Systems Collective, a group of physics graduate students who did early research in what later came to be called "chaos theory".  In his spare time during graduate school he led a group that designed and built the first wearable digital computers (which were used to beat the game of roulette). For popular press see the Newtonian Casino by Thomas Bass, Chaos by Jim Gleick, Complexity by Mitch Waldrup, and The Predictors by Thomas Bass.