“We don’t process data, we process experiences” says Dr Fotini Markopoulou at re:publica in Berlin

doppel is in Berlin! 

Fotini addressed the audience at re:publica - Europe’s most exciting conference on internet and society.

She took the audience on a journey of discovery, from technology and wearables, to our senses, and sense of self.

Read the summary below and find out more on the hashtag #rpTEN

"Smartwatches and fitness trackers offer so much for our health and wellness. But while sensors can augment, they also distort our perception of ourselves and overload our brains.  

"We don’t process data, we process experiences. That is what technology must deliver.

"Research on our sense of self tells us that physiology holds the key to our feelings and experience. 

"At doppel, we use this research to create technologies that naturally change how you feel, think and behave. By focusing technology on emotions, as well as rationality, we can make life as productive, pleasant and powerful as possible."