Independent tests prove doppel reduces stress

We’re extremely excited to be able to share the results of our latest independent test!

Researchers at Royal Holloway University London assessed the calming effect of doppel and showed that it significantly reduces both physiological and subjective stress.

In a controlled, single-blind experiment (the participants were deceived about what doppel is and does), participants were asked to prepare to give a public presentation lasting five minutes. This is a standardised way of inducing stress. All participants wore doppel, but only half the group had doppel running for the whole time. The other half of the group experienced only one beat before it stopped.

Before and during the experiment researchers measured the participants’ skin conductance levels; the more stressed someone is, the more they sweat, and so their skin increases in conductivity.  They were also asked to complete a standardised questionnaire to measure self-reported anxiety levels both before and after the task.

The results of the experiment were clear.  Participants wearing the working doppel displayed significantly lower increases in skin conductance responses relative to baseline and reported lower anxiety levels compared to those with doppel switched off. Participants using doppel felt significantly less stressed by the task.

The results of the trial have been submitted to Nature Scientific Reports for other experts to review. It's called Wearing a heart on your sleeve: the calming effect of a new wearable device during the anticipation of public speech and we’re looking forward to sharing the link once published.

You can read more about our research and testing in the Science section.